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PCI-X Cards & compatibility issues.

John Wilson_15
Occasional Visitor

PCI-X Cards & compatibility issues.

I have recently tried to install a PCI-X parallel card in a Proliant DL-360 but found the card to be incomaptible.

Now a second server I built recently is exhibiting hardware problems with a proprietary PCI-X card installed.

Has anyone else experienced problems with non-HP cards in these servers?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: PCI-X Cards & compatibility issues.


What is card specs so we can check the same information.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: PCI-X Cards & compatibility issues.

Hi John,

I would make sure that the system BIOS is the latest on the server. Then I would check the right PCI-X slot (there are only so many, so you can't really go wrong and it mentions on the case anyway)

other than that, although from a HP support matrix, you would probably land in a unsupported land by integrating third party equipment with HP stuff, however the card should work.

what PCI-X card are you using, what OS, what generation of DL-360?

hope it was of help and don't forget to assign points:)