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PCI-X riser board for DL380 G8

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PCI-X riser board for DL380 G8


I have the NMS E1 board (AG 4040) with PCI bus and I want use one in DL380 G8 server.

But I can't find riser board PCI-E -> PCI-X for this server, while if I'm not mistaken DL380 G5-G7 had such.

Is there PCI-X riser board for DK380 G8 server?


Thank you.

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Re: PCI-X riser board for DL380 G8

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Re: PCI-X riser board for DL380 G8

Like the other comment says, I'm not seeing any PCI-X options for the DL380 Gen8. Just an optional 2nd PCIe riser to add 3 more PCIe slots.

Quickspecs here:

Your options seem to be limited to putting your E1 card into a different server with PCI-X slots, or getting a new card with PCIe, like NMS's CG series (the 6565 for example). I'm not familiar with NMS so I'm just throwing that out as one of their PCIe models with E1.