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PCI bus parity error pci slot ?


PCI bus parity error pci slot ?

i have DL 360 G4 give error (PCI bus parity error pci slot ?) directly after i start it, it didn't load so cannot upgrade firmware and cannot enter BIOS!!
i tried new memory module but still same - directly give me (pci bus parity error pci slot ?)
i have no PCI cards on this server

and suggestion?

Re: PCI bus parity error pci slot ?


Two things you can try.

1) Its a DL360 G4 server, is there a PCI Riser board/cage, if YES, try removing it or reseat it.

2) Clear NVRAM from "System Maintenance Switch" switch# 6

If none of these work, see if these is any health led red/amber on the front and also if there is any Amber led on the system, which indicates a HW failure.

Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: PCI bus parity error pci slot ?

if you get the error on POST, I would get a replacement board. Can you get into setup F9 and reset to default. See if that clears the error or use the jumper to clear the board.

Re: PCI bus parity error pci slot ?

thank you all
s u m a n i when i remove the PCI Riser cage the server didnot start and give red light on the front (interrnal error sign)
and i reset switch# 6 but still same , error is during post(cannot enter setup) so i'll take Mr. Michael suggestion and i'll replace the motherboard and w'll see then;;