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PCIe I2C bus topology on DL380 Gen10?


PCIe I2C bus topology on DL380 Gen10?


I'm working with a FPGA PCIe card plugged into a DL380 Gen10 machine. The board has a power monitor chip connected to the I2C bus on the PCIe connector. I want to read some data from this chip over I2C.

I believe the I2C buses from the PCIe slots are connected to the BMC, and I should be able to read it through IPMI. I'm just not sure what the mapping from slot number to I2C parameters. 

I know some colleagues have been able to read over I2C on another DL380 Gen10 by constructing a raw IPMI request with prefix 00 20 18 52 3D, but I'm not sure which slot that is referring to. It doesn't work in my machine, with the board plugged into slot 5.

Can you give me any information on how to access the I2C bus in a particular PCIe slot in this machine using IPMI?