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Re: PL ml10v2 issue

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PL ml10v2 issue

HPE pl ml10v2 power on black screen, cannot find ilo3 ip address, keyboard / music not working. How can I do? Thanks
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Re: PL ml10v2 issue

Edit: is mouse, not music, thanks

Re: PL ml10v2 issue

Hi Chriswys ,

  Is there any front panel  LED indications ?. You can refer the following quickspecs document ;

If no LED indications , swap the power Supply cable and check the status .

If the front panel LED is blinking , try to clear NVRAM and check the status .

To clear NVRAM , please refer the following  document ;

(Perform step 1,.a.b & c only)

If the issue persists , we may need to perform the following steps to identify the faulty component ;;

1. Try to boot with Minimal Hardware components (One CPU, 1 DIMM  and other hardware devices like PCI cards, controller etc) to  identify the faulty component .

I am a HPE Employee

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