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PL1600: how to set boot from CD?

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PL1600: how to set boot from CD?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a PL1600, it is goodly functioning.
And I can boot from floppy to set up OS.

But can i use CD boot to install OS? and how to set?

I have try to use the utility floppy to see, but cannot find any CD boot option.

Thank you very much.
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Re: PL1600: how to set boot from CD?


If you have the system configuration utility (SCU) diskettes then use them to check the boot order as follows:-

Boot the SCU diskettes
At the main menu choose "System Configuration"
Then "Power-On Defaults"
The "Set Standard Boot Order"
Make sure the boot order is set to "A: CD: C:" which should be the top choice.

Save this and reboot.

If you need the SCU diskette builder kit it can be downloaded from here (4 disks required).

I hope this helps.