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PL1600R RAID Controller?

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PL1600R RAID Controller?

I would like to find out if my PL1600R has a RAID controller. I got it out of the trash and I have no support information for it. I have no experience with RAID, but from what I have read a RAID controller can either be an expansion card or built on to the motherboard. It doesn't have any expansion cards, but that doesn't rule out it being built onto the motherboard. I am hoping someone can tell me if a PL1600R would come with RAID built in. Or perhaps someone knows a Windows XP application that could be used to confirm or deny the presence of RAID hardware. Any PL1600R support info would be appreciated.

P.S. After a lot of Googling I found posts that said to get SmartStart 5.5 and after dozens of dead links I was finally able to find it. Unfortunately, I found SS 5.5 after installing Windows XP and I don't want to damage my XP install trying to play around with it. Any info/guides/tutorials that would describe what SmartStart 5.5 can actually be used for would also be appreciated.
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Re: PL1600R RAID Controller?


since you already install windows XP in your server SmartStart is not useful for you even if the server had no OS smartstart won't help you since SmartStart CD(SSCD) is to install operating system like W2000 and W2003 not XP
SSCD is basically a tool to deploy servers which has Smart Array controllers

the easiest way to know which controller your server has is going to Device Manager
and check either

-> IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller
-> SCSI and RAID controller

so you will find which controller you have

also when server boots up controller will comes up during POST

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Re: PL1600R RAID Controller?

All the 1600R documentation you'll ever want〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=254906

Also I think that one had a smart 2DH RAID controller originally but this may be o/s supported by something as recent as XP. Smart start was used to guide an O/S install and put in hardware specific drivers during installation OR to patch drivers at a later date, without this some default Microsoft drivers would be used.
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Re: PL1600R RAID Controller?

In XP Device Manager "SCSI and RAID controllers" the entry "LSI Logic 53C875/53C876 Device" is listed twice. Google searches indicate "LSI Logic 53C875/53C876 Device" to be a SCSI controller, with no mention of RAID functionality. Guess that settles the built-in RAID question. Thanks for the help.