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PL3000 Controller error & SCSI connections

K.R. Fulton
Occasional Contributor

PL3000 Controller error & SCSI connections

I have a Proliant 3000 server.
It is running WinNT.
On the front panel the readout reports a critical error:
Controller Error
Main System
Bus: 2
Slot: 0
ROM PO9 5/28/1999

Yet the system boots and runs normally, currently.
Do I need to replace this controller? Is there a diagnostic to help troubleshoot?

Second, I'm trying to connect an external device to the SCSI bus. The connector is on the back of the chassis, and is connected to the main board. During post both the internal tape drive and the ecternal device fail.
SCSI6: failed SCSI5: failed
I think I'm having a termination problem but cannot find the internal terminator. Or can two devices be connected on this machine?
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Re: PL3000 Controller error & SCSI connections

Hi K.R. Fulton ,

Could you able to do the following procedure.

STEP1:If you try to update the BIOS/FIRMWARE

STEP2:Check the scsi cable continuity,refixed the cables and check the combination of IRQ SETTINGS.

STEP:3 The Internal drive connect to scsi-b channel and Ext-Drive connect to different channel and try to update the dlt drive firmware.

The dlt drive utility and Firmware available in the following site


STEP4:If you confirm the Terminator problem pls. find the localvendor.

Thanks and Regards
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K.R. Fulton
Occasional Contributor

Re: PL3000 Controller error & SCSI connections

Thanks for the reply and help.

Quick question about step 3, I have two scsi connections on the inside of the machine
Not A or B. Does 1=A and 2=B?
Currently the internal tape drive is connected to SCSI 2.
I don't think that I can change the SCSI port for the external, and it is not labled at all, so I'm uunsure of the port designation.
you were born to suffer, so suffer and endure!