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PL6400R, W2k3, HP Mgmt Homepage Problems

Todd Hayward_1
Occasional Advisor

PL6400R, W2k3, HP Mgmt Homepage Problems

I was wondering if anyone has any idea why my system management homepage fails to show the presence of the following:

* HP Management Agents (server component)
* HP Management Agents (storage component)
* HP Management Agents (Foundation component)
* Management Processor (RILOE is in slot 6)

I have been building HP/Compaq servers for years, and on this machine is a fresh install of 2003 std svr. I installed the SPS 7.20, and it would appear that all the services are installed and running. The system management driver system component is installed and operational also. Multifunction device has a driver ( for RILOE ) as well, and it looks fine.

Can someone give me a clue here? This is highly irregular.


dnsplus, chicago
Kai-Uwe Schurig
Valued Contributor

Re: PL6400R, W2k3, HP Mgmt Homepage Problems


i had a similar issue on a PL 5500.
According to the document "Implementing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on ProLiant servers (pdf)" , see or search the HP site for this document, there are possible issues with the ProLiant Advanced System Management Controller Driver for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 if your server does not support ACPI.

The workaround (use the driver for Windows 2000, this driver does not depend on ACPI) did not work for me, i had problems with the graphic driver after this (had to boot in vga mode). So i downgraded to SPS 7.10 an everything works fine.

If you have more then one processor in your proliant and Windows 2003 sees only one, have a look at the following thread:

Hope this helps.