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PL800 PPro Dual Processor problem

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PL800 PPro Dual Processor problem

I have a PL800 with one Pentium Pro 200/512 (SL22Z) at socket1. It worked without problems. Now I wanted to update a second processor (SL22Z too). While booting I see how both processors are found, but #1 (at socket1) without cache-size. #2 at socket2 is correct identified. Then I see the message: "processor 1 failed". I have changed the processores, replaced both VRM and the motherboard too, it's always the same: processor 1 failed. What's wrong?

Re: PL800 PPro Dual Processor problem

Hello Frank,

First update your system bios,

Go into your "system configuration utility" by pressing F10 at boot. Try clearing nvram. Also in there try to set the "cpu corrected" for processor 1 and also 2.

Hope that helps.
Good luck.

-Iynkaran J

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