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PL800 System Board Problem?

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Chris Flynn_1
Frequent Advisor

PL800 System Board Problem?

I have currently been Upgarding the hardware in an PL800 server. It was an old PII 350e server but is now a dual PII 500 Mhz.

During the upgrade I noticed that when I turn the server off and then back on it seems to loose its date and time and start up configuration. I reset the time and config and it runs ok until I switch it off again.

My thoughts are the battery or the system board.

If it is the system board is this board used in any other pl servers as I have other servers not in use but none are pl800's.
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Re: PL800 System Board Problem?

The only server with the same system board would be the prosigna 740 in pentium II edition, but try swapping the battery first.
You have a 90% chance that this will solve your problem. Your battery has lasted a while already after all.
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Re: PL800 System Board Problem?

Yes... if you are loosing date/time you definately need a battery replacement.

You need to either order one from HP (expensive) or get it from Radio Shack or local computer hardware vendor for MUCH less.

Spare Part Number: 160274-001
You need a 4.5V alkaline battery for Real-Time Clock (RTC) with a self-adhesive strip and attached cable and connector - 600mA
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Chris Flynn_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: PL800 System Board Problem?

Thanks all, swapped out the battery and this has fixed the problem.