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PL800 install SATA controller in PCI slot?

Aaron Salo
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PL800 install SATA controller in PCI slot?

Hello, I have a PL800 6/500 I am provisioning for use as a utility server in my office. I would prefer to install/leave the OS on the 9gb SCSI drive already in the system, and for apps/storage mount a couple of SATA drives using a Promise SATA controller that fits in a PCI slot. I can't see anything that would prohibit me from doing that, the machine will be running Windows2000 server. If I'm wrong please do shout it out before I get too far down this path.

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Re: PL800 install SATA controller in PCI slot?

Hi Aaron,

This should be OK as long as you are not expecting the SATA controller to be the boot device. I have a similar setup with a Proliant 1600 (Same age as PL800). This has a Smart Array controller with O/S on mirrored disks and an Adaptec 2410SA providing SATA storage externally with long SATA cables to a disk enclosure. This too is running Windows 2000. It is a dual-boot system but there are no Adaptec SATA drivers for NT4 so I can't see the disks with NT booted.

I hope this helps.