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PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5

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PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5

Hello everyone!


I'm new here, this is my first post, and hopefully my hunt for an apparent magical solution will come through the knowledge of everyone here!


I'll try to be brief, but descriptive. My problem child is an ML350 G5. This one is a new build with fresh parts all around.

As of this second it powers up, but that's it. All fans stay running at 100% and I get no post and/or video output. My front panel LED's are green however. On the system board I have the IERR or CR59 LED illuminated red..The LED just to the right of the serial and VGA header. For the sake of a potential engineer seeing this post I also have one green port 84 LED illuminated...2nd one from the top specifically. 

I have tested each of my core components in another box that is CPU is good (E5440), my PSU's are good, as are my memory DIMMS and PPM. I am currently working on my second system board. With the last one I suspected it to be the problem and apparently it was not. I have put the server into a minimum configuration and still get nowhere...1 chip, 1 dimm, 1psu.  The worst part is that this is a board I picked up refurbed and I have no information regarding the iLO and can't get into it. For what it's worth, at this second there is absolutely nothing installed on the server...I haven't been able to get it to a point where I can even hit F8. Additionally, the only thing I have not replaced yet on this server is the power backplane, but could that honestly cause this issue? If it were bad I would expect to have an indication of it on the front panel, but I could be wrong also.


Can someone please help me!? I've searched the net until I'm blue in the face and still nothing. If someone can help me figure this out I'll send them dinner money via Paypal cause this thing is inches away from being dispatched!


Thank you all for any and all advice and help!!


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Re: PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5

A new ML350 G5? I sort of doubt it, as the QuickSpecs document indicates the model was retired back in 2009. See the very end of the document:


The system maintenance switch bank is near the bottom left corner of the system board. Switch #1 disables iLO security: that might give you access to the iLO. In normal use, all the switches #1 - #6 should be set to OFF. If the refurbisher has left any of them ON, switch them all OFF first.


I once had a system (a DL385 G1, I think) that had a particularly insidious power backplane failure. After unpacking the server, we installed the OS at the system preparation area, then shut it down and moved it to the server room proper for racking. It turned out it would not restart any more. No fault indications whatsoever: it seemed to be stuck in stand-by mode.


As the system was under warranty, we got a HP serviceman to fix it. Replacing the other components made no difference, but after a system board replacement, the server started up just fine... and after shutting down, it again refused to start, the same as before.


Moving the new system board to a known-good system proved it had definitely failed. As all the other possible causes were eliminated at that point, the diagnosis was that the power backplane had a fault that would cause secondary damage to the system board after the system was powered on. HP sent us a completely new server and the lemon was sent back to HP as essentially a DOA case... I understood they wanted it for a more detailed "post-mortem" analysis.


So... yes, power backplane failures can definitely cause very strange issues.

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Re: PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5

Thank you for your reply. I will take your advice into consideration and try out what you have mentioned.

Additionally, I did not mean "new" in the literal sense. I meant it was a new build, refreshed, pulled the used components out and put new in with new drives and controller and everything. That was why I mentioned that absolutely nothing has been installed yet...not even SmartStart. 


Thank you again


Re: PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5

I have a similar problem.

The same server - ML350 G5.
After replacing the CPU - error IERR.
Re-replacing processor does not solve the problem.
IERR error persists.
Replacing the power supply and power board does not eliminate the error.
I need help!

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Re: PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5

I have a similar problem. HP ProLiant ML350 Generation 5 

- Front panel Internal health LED = Red 

- System board LEDs 

    - Processor 1 LED = Amber (Try Re-replacing new processor not work.)

    - IERR LED = Rad

Please assist.

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Re: PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5


I have a system with the same error - after much loking I suspect the IERR LED is from the following.

I have replace the CPU so suspect a system board failure of some other kind.



Intel CPU IERR Filtering Algorithm and Fault Isolation Methodology


CPU's manufactured by Intel Corporation have an internal error or IERR signal that is usually tied to an interrupt line or to an external monitor.
The original purpose of this signal was to indicate an internal, unrecoverable CPU error. The normal procedure is to replace any CPU that signals an IERR.


More recently, the IERR signal is also triggered by non-CPU faults. Bus time-out's, forward progress stalls in multi-processor configurations, evaluation versions of Windows operating systems and other non-hardware fault triggers have been identified that result in an active IERR signal. On occasion, two or more CPU's signal an IERR simultaneously. Experiences in the laboratory have shown that the CPU(s) can be restarted and the IERR often does not re-occur. In the field, the result is that non-faulty CPU's are replaced first and the real source of the IERR is discovered only after multiple IERR events and one or more CPU replacements.

The IERR Filtering Algorithm and Fault Isolation Methodology differentiates IERR events that are the result of hardware faults from IERR events due to other causes. It enables a methodology for isolating the causes of the events that trigger the IERR signal. IERR events are filtered based on known causes, indicators, and most probable events and the system is restarted automatically in most cases. This filtering algorithm and methodology takes advantage of supplemental information, fault probabilities and prior knowledge about IERR events to determine when a likely false CPU internal error has been signaled.



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Re: PLEASE Help.....ML350 G5



have you already tried disconnecting the DVD-ROM Drive? It worked for me and many others...!