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POST Error: 101-I/O ROM error on Proliant DL360 G2


POST Error: 101-I/O ROM error on Proliant DL360 G2


Season Greetings.

As per the subject we have this error logged in the IML. Is there something to worry about OR we can just ignore the error. The severity logged in the IML as "Caution".

server spec;
Proliant DL360 G2
Memory: 1.2GB
OS: MS Windows server 2003 SP2 std edition

Many thanks

Honored Contributor

Re: POST Error: 101-I/O ROM error on Proliant DL360 G2

"I/O ROM error" means that the error is not detected by the main BIOS, but by some I/O component firmware. Obviously the error situation was not immediately fatal, but that component might require some attention and/or service.

Some typical I/O components with their own ROMs would be a SmartArray RAID controller and a network interface which has PXE network boot capability enabled. If this server has any expansion cards installed, they might have additional I/O ROMs.

First, check the status of the integrated SmartArray RAID controller. Possible problems would be:

- one of the disks may be failed: in this case RAID mirroring has prevented immediate data loss, but you should replace the disk before the other disk fails too.

- the SmartArray may have a battery-backed write cache module (BBWC): if the battery has failed, write caching will be disabled until the battery is replaced. This causes no data loss, but write performance will be significantly worse with the cache disabled.

Both these typical problems are easy to identify without rebooting the server: simply check the System Management Homepage (if installed), or start the SmartArray configuration utility and check its status displays.


Re: POST Error: 101-I/O ROM error on Proliant DL360 G2


thanks for the feedback. We have check IML,HP homepage, ACU and there is no error or hardware degradation on the system. But the PSP and firmware is not the latest. Upgrading these 2 to the latest do you think would help to indentify the problem.