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POST Error: 207-Invalid Memory Configuration

ICT System

POST Error: 207-Invalid Memory Configuration

On one of our DL360 G4 servers we are getting POST error:
207-Invalid Memory Configuration-Mismatched DIMMs within DIMM Bank Memory in Bank B Not Utilized

This looks like we installed incorrect RAM.
However, the HP Sysytem Management states that both (2x1gb)memory modules are working correctly (Good, in use). Also Windows 2003 has got 2gb available.

So, i would like to know, if we installed incorrect memory or not? If not, what can we do, to solve the POST error?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: POST Error: 207-Invalid Memory Configuration


Few thing you can check with
Ensure all memory modules in a logical bank of two have the same assembly number (match at least the first 8 digits).

Check with latest system BIOS

Refer to following articals

Where you purchased memory? HP direct or sub resellers?

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
ICT System

Re: POST Error: 207-Invalid Memory Configuration

Thank for your reply!
I noticed something else, with this error.
The error states that Bank B not utilized is. However, there are no DIMM's in the B banks. From the documentation i understood that bank 1&2 are Bank A and bank 3&4 are Bank B. We only use 1&2, so Bank A and not Bank B.