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POST Errors

Julian Southern
Occasional Advisor

POST Errors


I'm getting the following post boot up errors on the array controller on our exchange server!!

1792-Slot 1 Drive Array - Valid Data Found in array accelerator. data will automatically be written to the drive

1794-slot 1 drive array - array accelerator battery cahrge low
array accelerator posted-write cache is temp disabled
array accelerator batteries have failed to charge and should be replaced

1779-slot drive array - replacement drives detected or previously gfailed drives now appear to be operational
select F1 to continue and drives will be disabled
select F2 to accept data loss and to re-anble logical drives.

If i press F1 it just doesnt boot as its the drives with the OS on.

Should i press F2?

Many Thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: POST Errors

Do you have good backup? It sounds like you may have lost, or have the potential to lose data.

You may want to try replacing the array accelerator batteries first.

Pressing F2 maybe your only option at this point - but be prepared to restore data.........