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PPM1 amber light on DL365G5

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PPM1 amber light on DL365G5

i am attempting to add a second IDENTICAL processor to my dl365 g5. during my first attempt, i forgot to populate the RAM slot for the second CPU. as a result the server can't be turned on, and the PPM1 amber light goes off.
I then added 2 RAM module(identical pair) to CPU2 RAM slots. this doesn't solve the problem and i still can't turn my server on. the PPM1 amer led light won't go away.

i'm adding 3 second CPU to 3 DL365G5. my 2 other servers came back up just fine and they all recognize the new CPU and the new RAM i just added.

can anyone shed some light?
it's not the processor. is it? if it's the processor, the CPU led would go off. but this is the PPM1 amber light that goes off. I can't reseat the PPM because it's an internal PPM.

what else is there to do?
i'm 100% sure that the processor has the same product number, speed, and cache.