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PROLIANT 6500 add new CPU

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PROLIANT 6500 add new CPU

hello .
im using proliant 6500 (with windows 2003 enterprise sp1). i want to add more cpu boards ,
but as soon as i start the server im getting cpu faild error !!
i must say that i have more proliant 6500 servers and the cpu processors board is working just fine !!!
i also tried to use the F10 section with repair option .
but its didnt worked for me !!
any idea how should i install the new cpu board (with two 200mhz intel pro) ?
what should i do after i plug in the cpu board ?
by the way , i have the two maintenance compaq cds.
waitting to your support,
Guy Dotan
Mark Morgan
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Re: PROLIANT 6500 add new CPU

Do you have a copy of SmartStart? Boot to this and it will configure your hardware.

I would suggest 5.5 or earlier.

Good Luck
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Re: PROLIANT 6500 add new CPU

Thanks for your fast reply ,
I have the smartstart 2 CDS version 5.3 .
Do you have step by step guide or maybe you can explain me the steps that i need to do .

Best Regards,
Guy Dotan
Igor Karasik
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Re: PROLIANT 6500 add new CPU

Shalom, Dotan !

You need to boot from SmartStart CD (I assume second CD you have is not SmartStart, but maintenace CD)
From SmartStart menu select Systems Configuration Utility (SCU), then select
"configure the hardware" (or something similar, I don't remember exact menu)
You will get message with something like "do you like to fix the problem" - select "fix" and do power cycle.

Check that the operating system is set to Windows 2000 in System Configuration Utility :

Attached Proliant 6500 troubleshooting guide
- maybe useful as well

Erev tov,