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PROLIANT DL 380 Smartstart and ghost 2003 (Urgent)

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PROLIANT DL 380 Smartstart and ghost 2003 (Urgent)


I have made a ghost image of my booting partition (RAID 1 14GB out 36) and copied the resulting file on the other partition (20GB out 36).
After that, the booting process is normal until it commes to "booting from C" then it hangs up.

Through Ghost, I can see all the files on my booting partition.
Smarstart says everything normal regarding the test of the disk, it even recognize the type of datas.
I have tried to reinstall my image, it works fine but the result is the same. Is there anything special to do?

Is there a way to recover the standard booting process? without reformating all my partitions (2 days of work)
Is ghost forbidden with Smartstart?
Have you expereienced such behaviour?

thanks you very much for your answers

David Claypool
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Re: PROLIANT DL 380 Smartstart and ghost 2003 (Urgent)

You could probably benefit from the document at starting at page 9-2...
Victor Pendlebury
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Re: PROLIANT DL 380 Smartstart and ghost 2003 (Urgent)


2 suggestions :

1 - fdisk /mbr
2 - check with fdisk that your partition is active

Seen this before

Is ghost forbidden with Smartstart? > don't see why it shouldn't work, maybe HP could comment

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Re: PROLIANT DL 380 Smartstart and ghost 2003 (Urgent)

Thanks a lot for your both answers,
it was urgent so I had to reinstall anyway.

After that I have made another test with ghost (backup and restore) sucessfull this time.
I have changed only two things :
=> the backup was on a different physical (and logical) disk
=> I have used the parameter /IB in the ghost backup which tells ghost to backup entirely the boot sector not only the information requires by NT to restore the partition

So my hypothesis, which I would like to be confirmed by HP, is the following :
the smart array manager is writing some proprietary information in the boot sector. If for any reason those informations are modified, even a ghost restore (without /IB) will not improve the situation. But with /IB, those proprietary information are restored as well.

Waiting for your comments