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Re: PROLIANT DL360 G9 - Legacy boot failure

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PROLIANT DL360 G9 - Legacy boot failure

Hello All, im trying to host an older platform which has its complications. but the Legacy bios option will not allow a  boot to commence.  So  using a USB 2.0 for DVD rom booting  no Go, using usb formatted bootable flash, no go..

UEFI works obviously.. but what is the inhibition of booting using the legacy mode to load ? is this an intended function ? our systems benchmarking tools are on Usb  and CD's  and are bootable on the Gen 4 but legacy with a gEN 9 IS FAILING.. UEFI obviously works fine 

PS - re-created media using Rufus, not the issue..

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Re: PROLIANT DL360 G9 - Legacy boot failure


what kind of OS do you try to boot? If its an .iso Format you can try it with the ilo virtual Media option. It should boot from the virual Media, if not your bootmedium is broken. The virual Media doesnt care about UEFI or BIOS.

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