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PROLIANT DL380 G7 nic problems

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PROLIANT DL380 G7 nic problems

Dear Guys,

I have a one problem with our server. From yesterday server is very slowly.(e.g. when i click open to control panel I`m waiting for 5min) When we disconnect nic`s from switch server is very fast (e.g. control panel is opened in 2 secs). When we connect nic`s back to switch server is very slowly again  We dont install any new app, we dont make any changes on this system. Could you help me please ? Do you have any Idea


We have a last psp+last fw. We have W2K3 R2 X32 SP2 + latest updates


very very thanks




Re: PROLIANT DL380 G7 nic problems



First tell us what is the NIC you are referring to, this server has Two HP NC382i Dual Port Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters (four ports total).  Or have you installed any other NIC in the PCI Slots.

Also tell us what is the Switch model?  This issues occurs only on this server or to all servers which are connected to that switch?


Have you rebooted the server and check if this issue gets resolved?



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: PROLIANT DL380 G7 nic problems

Also do tell what kind of network settings you have, like teaming/load balancing. Maybe there is something you can change there.
Jimmy Vance

Re: PROLIANT DL380 G7 nic problems

Possibly a virus or other rougue application


If the problem only shows up when there is a network connection, use a sniffer like Wireshark and see what network traffic is being generated to/from the system

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