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PSP Agent (7.60) causing problems with MSL2024 tape library/VMWare

Chris Schweiter
Occasional Contributor

PSP Agent (7.60) causing problems with MSL2024 tape library/VMWare

Hi, everyone -

I'm trying to track down a problem I'm having with PSP (i just upgraded it to 7.60, but the same problem happened on a previous version) and I'm hoping someone can tell me where to look. I have a DL385 running RH Enterprise 4. Using VMWare Server 1.0.1, inside of this OS I have a Windows 2000 Server instance running BackupExec 10d.

The MSL2024 is hooked up to the system via an Adaptec 29160, and mapped to the Windows 2000 server in VMWare using the raw /dev/sg* devices. The w2k server regognizes the tape drive and can perform all operations successfully, but there is one problem - A random intervals, during the backup the tape drive will stop what it's doing, rewind the tape, and kick the tape out. BackupExec fails the job and reports no media in drive. I have traced the problem to PSP - Shutting down hpasm allows the backups to complete successfully.

As such, I think there is a component of this service that is polling the devices on the Adaptec card and causing this failure. What I need to know is what it is and how to stop it. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Attached is a snippet of the logs where VMWare reports an abort command is being sent.