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PSP Release schedule

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PSP Release schedule

Question on the releases/release schedule of the PSP (Proliant Support Pack) for Windows. (I hope this is also in the right forum).

Viewing back the releases of previous support packs I see:
2005: 3 releases
2006: 4 releases
2007: 3 releases
2008: 2 releases until now

Q: What is the normal release schedule?
Q: What triggers a PSP releases?
Q: How many PSP's get released per year?

When I also look at the age of a PSP until the next releas I see (since 2004):
2 releases that were the latest version during: upto 200+ days
4 releases that were the latest version during: upto 100 to 150 days
4 releases that were the latest version during: upto 50 to 100 days
4 releases that were the latest version during: less than 50 days

Especially releases 7.50 and 7.92 were very quickly replaced by the next version.

Q: What is the reasoning behind this?
Q: What was wrong with 7.50 and 7.92 to get it replaced so quickly?

I am trying to develop a method of determening how and when to upgrade the PSP's on our 2000+ servers.
Q: Anyone has any experience developing such a strategy for PSP's?

I know we must at least upgrade every 3 releases as the current PSP is only upgrade tested against upto 3 versions back.
Q: Is there anywhere so official statement of this from HP?
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: PSP Release schedule

We use PSP since it was under "compaq ssd" name and we still don't have any formal strategy....
We usually do PSP update once for 9-10 months (and firmware updates as well), but we almost always update to last PSP/Firmware on specific server when we see some problems on the server (for example, STOP errors or some strange behaviour ).
Also, sometimes PSP bring support for new OS (for example, windows 2008 support in PSP 8.00) or new hardware.
The one thing we learnt about PSP: almost each new PSP has new serious bugs (sometimes I just think that there is no any QA for PSP :-)), therefore it is good idea to look ITRC forums (especially ) for any new PSP problems/tips before update your servers. Usually serious PSP bugs will be fixed in two-three months in individual PSP components release (for example, Insight agents or SmartArray driver)) and there is no any reason to wait till new complete PSP release because new PSP release will have new bugs :-)
Usually you will have some problems during PSP installation as well - for example, widely spread bug when you NIC will be disabled during PSP installation.
After you discover problem with new PSP you usually will have some nightmares with PSP uninstallation as well (for example, Insight agents uninstall can damage Symantec antivirus client).
Also, pay attention to fact that sometimes PSP components required several firmware updates (for example SmartArray controllers firmware).
Good Luck !
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: PSP Release schedule

The primary trigger for PSP releases is the announcement of new servers. Secondarily, there can be a need to distributed patched versions independent of hardware releases, but this isn't as frequent.

Try not to get more than 2 versions back as that can cause pain in upgrading.