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PSP remote deployment

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PSP remote deployment



We had got around 110 servers with windows various operating systems.  WE want to install mangement agents and ILO drivers for support of IRSS as these servers r getting added to IRSS host.   Can any one provided step by step to remotely deploy the psp into these servers in single shot. Main important thing is all these r very crtical and should not get rebooted after psp deployment.  Pl let me know the procedure.


Thanks in advance




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Re: PSP remote deployment

Hello Phani.Battar,


I am not sure of a way to do this remotely, but a PSP includes hardware drivers and firmware updates. In most cases, niether of the two can me fully implemented without a reboot. HP/Compaq installers do very nice job of deploying these and minimizing reboots. Even so, the fact is that many drivers and firmware updates do not take effect until after the reboot is carried out. Although some drivers and services can be loaded dynamically (and this is done for many of the components), many cannot. The disk channel and many motherboard components that already have drivers and require a driver or firmware change will always require a reboot to take fully take effect. (this is almost always the case with BIOS, Disk controller FW, disk FW, and several other PSP items)


If you install the PSP and all of these items are current, a reboot may not be required. But I would assume that is not very likely for most PSP installs. Most people installing a PSP are doing so because they have already found something critical that needs an update..



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Re: PSP remote deployment

Hi Dave,


Thanks for reply, we had completed in windows thru HP SUM by only selecting windows management drivers, wbem, ilo management drivers and completed 60 servers without reboot.  Any how as u said some asked for reboot which we will carry at weekend.  At the same i require help related to Redhat linux environment which we need to deploy the above same drivers in same way.  As i am not a Linux guy so pl hlp me in getting the above drivers to deploy remotely in a bunch of servers at a time.


Thanks in advance.