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PSP2003 didn't install correctly

Occasional Contributor

PSP2003 didn't install correctly

We install the PSP Packages with '*.exe /silent' on all our servers.
After we made the last update, the file c:\win2k3\system32\cpqrcmc was missing and thus the 'Remote Monitor Service' could not start.

The cpqsetup-logfile says:
Name: HP ProLiant Remote Monitor Service for Windows

New Version:
Beginning Silent Session...

The software is installed but is not up to date.

Current Version:

- the component will be updated to the new version

Setup needed to reboot the system, but /reboot was not passed on the
command-line. Setup will not be complete until the system is rebooted.

Manual install works, but as about 200 servers are concerned, I don't like to do it manual.
Any ideas why this happened?