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PSP8.7 hpsum Linux kernel creation

Occasional Contributor

PSP8.7 hpsum Linux kernel creation

I'm scripting the install of hpsum during a Red Hat kickstart install.  The hpsum, is called with


./hpsum -express_install -nui


everything seems to run fine, but it creates multiple(3)  kernel and initrd files and my grub.conf contains 3 extra boot menu items. I would expect just one new grub.conf entry with the new kernel containing all the drivers required.


I'm not sure  hpsum is creating kernels and initrd for individual drivers rather than compiling one kernel/initrd to include all the drivers that hpsum discovers and marks as required.   Does anyone know if this is true ? How can I check ?


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Occasional Contributor

Re: PSP8.7 hpsum Linux kernel creation

It seems the express-install  , actually tries to install every rpm. Maybe thats why I have multiple grub entries ?