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PXE-E53 error

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PXE-E53 error

What is a PXE-E53 error? It's also not finding the operating system. I just bought this Pavilion za5185 used and it seems to have a problem finding it's way. Any ideas how to fix this to boot from the harddrive, as I have read this maybe trying to boot from a network????
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Re: PXE-E53 error


Your PC is booting through the network card, possibly because it can't boot from floppy/CD and hard disk and this is the last boot choice.

PXE Error 53 occurs when a PC gets a DHCP address from a server but can't find the PXE server to download a file.

Since you don't want this, your boot order is either incorrect or your hard disk is not being seen in the system BIOS.

If it's the boot order you should be able to change this by going into the BIOS and setting it as Floppy/CD/Hard Disk/Network.

If it's a fault with the hard disk you'll probably hear the disk clicking when power is applied. If it's got a problem then try turning the PC on its side and it may work. Ultimately if this is the problem it will need to be replaced.

I hope this helps.