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Jhun Artana Jr.
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hi There!! can u Pls, help me to understand what is PXE Boot, for ML350 G4p, and what is the defferent of ROM-Based Setup and System Maintenance Menu,

the next thing i want to know is,i got 2 scsi drive in my ML350.i format 1 of the drive but the effect is on both...thank you for ur cooperation
Trusted Contributor

Re: PXe

basically pxe allows servers to be restarted across a network and allows you (in conjunction with something like RDP) to remotely download builds to the servers etc...

See the link below for the RDP quickspecs guide...

Esteban. ISS

Re: PXe

About the formating HDD issue..:

Thats because you probably have Raid 0 over both disks. That means you are using one big logical drive using two physical drives

If you want to set 2 physicall drives into TWO logical drives you must do it with SmartStar or ORCA at the POST of the server..

Then make sure you select JUST ONE single drive then follow the steps to create a RAID leve, which in this case must be only RAID 0.

Repeat the steps once more to create the another logical drive.