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Packet Loss - ML350p Gen8

Andy Warner

Packet Loss - ML350p Gen8

We have setup and installed a new HP ML350p Gen8 for a client. The server has Windows Server 2012 installed as a host and two virtual servers running.


Nic1 - Server2012 (Host)
Nic2 - SBS2011 (Guest)
Nic3 - Server2008R2 (Guest)
Nic4 - Future Server


The problem is we are expiriencing random packet loss on all network cards at different times, overall its about 3-10%. As well as the occasional missing ping we are seeing blocks of 5-6 Request Time Out but otherwise its always <1ms. Pinging from the same computer to the old ML350 G6 Server and other hardware is fine. I have also experienced the issue with just nic1 and all VM's turned off.


So far we have tried tweeking the nic advanced properties with no success...

ethernet@wirespeed - Disabled
Large Send Offload - Disabled
Speed&Duplex - 1000mps & Full
PowerMangment - Off


Any ideas or suggestions as we think its causing network issues with various services?


Both the driver and firmware are the latest from HP and Server2012 has all updates installed.