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Parallel port for Prolient DL380 G2

Occasional Contributor

Parallel port for Prolient DL380 G2

I have 2 Prolient DL380 G2's:

* Both are identically configured.

* Both have had Lava 3.3v parallel port cards installed due to an application that requires a dongle key.

* One server is working like a charm, while on the other one the dongle is not recognized by the application, even though a printer works on either server.

I know from the description that it looks like an application problem, but the application is a relatively dinky progam that was installed on both machines using the same exact CD and procedures. There is NO DIFFERENCE!

Also, there is another guy that I work with that is having the same exact problem as me. His server can print using the parallel port, but the dongle is not recognized by his (different) application.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Please help!!!

Thanks in advance,