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Parity errors with Drive cage on PL1200


Parity errors with Drive cage on PL1200

Hello all,

i just got a brand new drive cage for my PL1200 and 3 new 9.1GB hot-swap drives.

Here goes the part numbers for all the gang:

Drive cage duplexed (5x1): 230949-001
hot-swap disks (I have 3): 242591-014
point to point cable: 271948-002
another SCSI cable with 1 end for controller and 4 ends for devices: 296016-001

Here are the symptoms: If i use the point-to-point cable with my drive cage and my integrated Wide-Ultra-SCSI-3 controller, it renders me an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error out of nowhere. the machine won't boot with 1,2 or 3 disks. same error. I can't even install Windows 2000, it says the contents on the disk can't be accessed.

If I use the another cable, the machine works smoothly with 1 drive installed. No errors at all. with 2 drives, the first drive works ok but the second gives me parity errors all the time. With 3 drives installed, i can't even boot. Each time I boot I get a different Blue Screen. This one is connected only to the drive cage and has no physical terminator, because as far as I know the drive cage terminates the signal?

I saw that the error that the controller gives me is Event 5 from source DISK, and I saw here in the forum that this leads to a bent pin, but all cables are OK.

What are the odds? The point-to-point cable is bad and the other cable is damaged? I need help...