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Parse disk under Linux

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Parse disk under Linux

Usually on Windows operating system, the same hard drive/disk can be logically parsed into C: drive, D: drive. But on Linux, the file system all starts from the root. How should I parse a disk?

Devender Khatana
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Re: Parse disk under Linux


Allthough all file systems start from root but there may be different file systems mounted under same root. For ex.

/dev/hda1 mounted on /boot should be boot file system.

/dev/hda3 mounted on / should be root file system.

/dev/hda4 can be mounted on /data and in that case.

/boot , /root and /data in these case will be seperate file systems like your seperate volumes of same disk in windows. The files in one will not consume the space of other.

Allthough when /dev/hda4 in not mounted, the files under directory /data will be counted and consume the space of / only.


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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Parse disk under Linux

Consider Linux as windows. If you start the windows explorer, you will see the C, D, etc drives as child of the "Desktop" icon. So, you can say that all devices are child of Desktop wich is the root. That will be Desktop\C, Desktop\D, and so on.

In linux it will be the same, all devices are child of the root (/) directory. So, if you have 3 disks, suppose that 1 will be the root, other will be /c_drive and other will be /d_drive.
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