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Part / Serial Numbers

Eugen Cocalea_1
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Part / Serial Numbers


I have a small farm of CPQs, several models, from Prolinea 590 to Proliant DL320 and more.

Is there any way to find out their respective part no or serials, other than looking on the boards / cases? Like the spareparts store at compaq, but there I get no success.

By the way, do computers have _part_ numbers, or only parts do? Which are the relevant numbers that I should write down to quickly identify a model / spares that I need when something goes wrong?

Thank you for replying.




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Re: Part / Serial Numbers

Hi Eugen,

no, the only proper way to capture the SNs is to look at the cases/in BIOS. If you have ProLiant or Integrity servers you'd be able to capture the SNs easier, by just running a small SIM discovery and getting all the SNs out of the iLO default DNS names, because the default iLO DNS name is 'ILO'+the serial number of the server. This is of course in case those haven't been altered and only for servers having Lights-out management (ProLiant G3 upwards and all coresponding Integrity systems) and of course this is just a workaround to make your work easier.

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Re: Part / Serial Numbers

Hello Eugen,


concerning your Proliant Servers, you can check the System Management Homepage for details on the server / parts.

There you can see the serial number of the server itself and you can see at least the model numbers of the installed hard drives.


  • Serial number of server -> go to System -> System Summary (product number is given as well there)
  • HDD model number -> go to Storage and click on to the controller. In the left panel the installed HDDs are shown. When you select them, the details are shown

When you start the Insight Diagnostics (under the Webapps Tab) you can see the spare part numbers or at least the product numbers of the memory modules as well.

If you want to check the serial number of the power supplies or something similar, there is in most cases unfortunately no way around the lookup on the part itself.

I hope that helped you a bit.




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