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Part advice for my Proliant 3000

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Part advice for my Proliant 3000


A few months ago I bought a Proliant 3000 at an auction, and I have a few questions about it.

Dual PIII 500
2x 750W PSUs
Motherboard: 155347-001
Drive Cage: 387087-001 (Wide-Ultra2 SCSI Simplex bus hard drive cage)

I did look but I couldn't find my model on Partsurfer. (Not sure which model exactly it is, theres a 386197-001 on the top sticker, maybe that helps?)

It didn't come with any hard drives, so that's what my first question is about.

I impulse bought a large amount of 9 and 18 gig drives on eBay right after I got it. Unfortunately once I got them I realised that they were 1.6" drives in the old style (white) trays...they didn't fit. Apparently mine needs the 1" drives in the newer trays (black). I guess I didn't do my research. Oh well :(

But now I want to buy the RIGHT drives. Unfortunately there seem to be many variations of what appear to be the same drives, so I'm looking for help to confirm that I will be buying the correct ones.

Some of the eBay auctions I'm looking at include the following part numbers. Am I on track? Will these work? (I'm generally looking for 9s and 18s.)

143920-001, 127980-001, 153275-001

Will mine support Ultra3 drives? Hot-swap drives?

Ok, the board that's on the back of the drive cage confuses me a bit. I keep seeing those with little extra pass through modules on them...but mine doesn't have one. What does that do? (it seems to just be a small - maybe 1"x3" - circuit board that sticks on top of the SCSI connector on the back of the drive cage)

Also, what do the terms simplex and duplex refer to?

My machine did not come with an array controller card. Is there a chance at all that that capability is built into the motherboard? If not can I still do RAID? Can I just toss a controller card like the 3200 in there?

Sorry for all of the questions. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! :)
Jason Lee3
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Re: Part advice for my Proliant 3000


You have an Ultra2 drive cage but Ultra3 drives will operate fine in it. They need to be hot-plug drives. All the HDD part numbers you have given are for 18gb hot-plug Ultra2 SCA SCSI drives. The -B21/B22 numbers are assembly no.s and the -001 numbers are spares no.s (The diff. numbers due to a diff. manufacturer but all are the same spec and fine to use in your server.

You don't have a smart array integrated onto the MLB unfortunately. You are fine to add a PCI Smart array 3200 into this system (It was the standard cntrl for the PL3000).

Simplex=single scsi bus/channel, duplex=dual buses. You have a simplex drive cage so all drives will be on the same SCSI bus on the smart array. The board you talk of missing will be the duplex enabler to add the extra bus/channel. I am surprised a little that the pass-through board is not there in it's place, see how it goes without it.

Good luck


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Re: Part advice for my Proliant 3000

That's a massive help. Thanks a lot!!!
Doug Davison
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Re: Part advice for my Proliant 3000

I have a similar issue but I have a dual 450 Proliant 3000 with the "old style" trays he is referring to. The server is at my office now so I'm working from memory... but, I believe it has 6 9.1GB drives in it currently configed as RAID 5. I also thought they were evenly distributed in a 3x2 layout.

Anyway, I'm finding the storage space to be very limiting and I would like to put in either 73GB or 143GB drives if I can find a lot of them cheaply on eBay.

Do I need to get new drive trays for these or will the existing ones work?
Example part #s:
146GB - BD14685A26 (HP)
73GB - ST173404LCV (Seagate)

Also, is there an in-place upgrade I can do on this or will I need to re-install all the stuff on those drives? Nothing is crucial on here since it's a play server for MSDN stuff.

Is it fairly easy to continue to expand the RAID as I accumulate HDDs or should I wait until I have my total desired amount?