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Partition extension task

Jon Forbes
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Partition extension task

May be a simple affair to more seasoned individuals...

On a DL360 G3 two 36GB SCSI HDD are configured with RAID 0+1 to formulate one logical disk 36GB in size. The logical disk has two partitions and 16GB remains unallocated. The logical disk seen by Windows is of Basic disk type. I'd like to avoid changing to dynamic disks, since doing that to a test server 'hosed' the disk config so much I had to reload Windows. So, my question is, what's the best way to extend unallocated space into an existing partition on a DL series server with a RAID 0+1 config? Thanks!
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Re: Partition extension task

Hi Jonathan,

you should not get into trouble by making disks dynamic and then extanding the volume, but if it is so, you can use third party utilities ( partition magic, fips etc) for this purpose.
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otto warlich
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Re: Partition extension task

Hello Johnathan,

You can use Storage Volme Growth, or the utility of Windows 2003, diskpart (Windows 2000, see Resource Kit).

This can do dynamic and basic disks.

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