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Pb hyperthreading

Anthony Pasquier
Occasional Contributor

Pb hyperthreading

We have a Proliant server DL 360 with linux red hat (kernel 2.4.20) and I don't understand
why the second and the fourth 'virtual processor' are 0% of idle.Here is the result of the 'top' commande :

CPU0 states: 19,1% user, 11,3% system, 0,0%nice, 69,0% idle
CPU1 states: 18,1% user, 3,3% system, 0,0% nice, 0% idle
CPU2 states: 16,1% user, 9,2% system, 0,0% nice, 0% idle
CPU3 states: 18,3% user, 4,2% system, 0,0% nice, 76,4% idle

but the server seem to work well!! and after a reboot the four processors are some idle.

what is the problem ?

Anthony Pasquier
Occasional Contributor

Re: Pb hyperthreading

top above is no correct !!

CPU0 states: 19,0% user, 7,4% system, 0,0% nice, 72,5% idle
CPU1 states: 14,3% user, 4,5% system, 0,0% nice, 0% idle
CPU2 states: 17,2% user, 8,0% system, 0,0% nice, 74,2% idle
CPU3 states: 15,0% user, 3,4% system, 0,0% nice, 0% idle
Honored Contributor

Re: Pb hyperthreading

Hyper-Threading may be involved here and goofing up your affinity, but do a man on "taskset" and see if you can move your apps around.

G'luck! -john
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