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Performance issue on DL385 G5p (cpuspeed)

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Performance issue on DL385 G5p (cpuspeed)

We have had some problems with 3 DL385 G5p using RHEL 5.4. The cpuspeed is stuck in 800 Mhz or 1500Mhz.
2 of them have been solved and we're waiting for a service window on the last one.

The step we have used to solve them is:
1) Upgrade firmware to 8.70
2) Change to "HP Static High Performance Mode" in BIOS (or ILO)
3) Upgrade Power Management Controller Firmware to 2.9. In one of the cases the firmware where 2.3 where HP has published a know bug. In the other case the firmware where <2.3 where the upgrade didn't help or it helped in combination of all the other steps.
4) Disable "Ultra Low Power Mode" in BIOS

Not sure if this helps anybody with the same problem, or if it's the supported way to do it.