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Performance issue with DL170 ?

Allen Huang_1
Frequent Advisor

Performance issue with DL170 ?

We have a Calibre engineer who has been doing performance testing across various HP nehalem systems. This has been in conjunction with customer competitive benchmarking.

He researched and found that Nehalem systems should run at 32GB/s on Stream if everything is configured correctly and there are no hardware issues. On BL460C-G6 blades he is seeing this performance. We have earlier HP Nehalems (DL170h) that only have Stream memory bandwidth of 22GB/s. This seems to point to a hardware issue, or at a minimum a configuration issue.

All 16 system (3 chassis's of 4) are running at this speed and all have the Hynix Semiconductor 4 GB memory DIMMs running at 1333MHz. Have you had seen any issues like this? There was an issue reported on HPs website with a bad shipment of Hynix memory in BL460c systems. Is it possible that we are seeing this as well? Could it just
be a BIOS mis-configuration issue causing this?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.