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Performance of P800 in a multi-Raid5 configuration

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Performance of P800 in a multi-Raid5 configuration


we are using the P800 controller in a DL 385 G2 Server with 2 MSA60 and 24x 146 GB 15k Disks for a software SAN solution.

Every 6 Disks we created one Raid 5 logical drive which is then given to our SAN Software (Datacore SanMelody). It then creates one big Storage Pool by striping all the Raid 5s.

We now want to increase the capacity and performance of our System by adding at least 2 MSA60 (same config as above), possibly even 4 new Storages.

The question ist:
How many Raid5s can the P800 controller handle without performance impact. As i said, all the Raid5s are striped, so the raid/write accesses happen on all Arrays at the same time.

HP is telling me: No Problem, > 100 Drives but i would like to hear a second opinion.

Kind regards,