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Performance slowdown on Updates and Restore

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Declan Hogan
Frequent Advisor

Performance slowdown on Updates and Restore

We have an ML370 R04 Server running SAP used as our QES System in our SAP Landscape. I recently refreshed the system by restoring a copy of our Production DB and doing a Client copy to change the Client No. etc.
All of this ran fine except all steps involving Restore of the DB and subsequent updates in the DB took much longer than expected.
I have done the same process on this server a number of times before and so I had accurate times for each step, however they took between 2 and 3 times longer to execute than expected. As an example the DB Restore was expected to take 90 minutes to complete but took almost 160 minutes. Adding a 4GB file to a tablespace on the DB took 5 minutes while adding a similar sized file to the Prod DB took about 1.5 minutes (both servers are virtually identical).
The server has a SmartArray 6400 controller and the Disk Array is a RAID-5 configuration. A review of Job logs indicates that update jobs run on the server in recent months have had a marked increase in runtimes.
Any ideas on where to look for source of problem would be helpful as I have not seen any error messages in the system logs which would point to a problem.

Declan Hogan
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance slowdown on Updates and Restore

Hi Declan,

I would probably check in the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) that the battery is still functioning correctly on the SmartArray card. If that's gone bad (assuming it's actually fitted of course) then the write cache will be disabled, which will slow things down considerably.

Hope this helps,