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Physical to Proliant Migration, Static IP issue

Jim Overholser
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Physical to Proliant Migration, Static IP issue


I performed a Physical to Proliant migration this weekend from an old Dell server to a HP DL380 G5.

The migration was successful, however I do have an issue I've discovered after migration.

When I assign a static IP address on either NIC, and apply the configuration it does not hold. When I go back into TCP/IP settings on the NIC, it immediately reverts back to DHCP.

If I perform an ipconfig on the Proliant, the machine will show the static IP correctly. I'm worried that this server will eventually revert to a DHCP address.

I've found a posting with almost exactly the same issue in a thread in this forum entitled

"Unabled to configure static IP on DL380 G5 after P2Proliant"

"This weekend I tried to use the HP P2Proliant software to migrate and old DL380 G1 server to a new DL380 G5. The migration worked fine, except when I went to configure the NIC on the new server with the static IP that the original server had. It would accept the IP and not give any errors, but when I would go back in to check it out, it goes back to DHCP. It will no keep its static IP address.

I then tried updating drives - no good. I tried removing drivers and reinstalling - no good. No matter what I do, I cannot get it to take a static IP.

Now - I made it worse. I tried uninstalling the NICs a second time and one of the two NICs is locked in with "unknown driver". I cant update it (says "Access is denied") and I cannot remove it (says it is need to boot the system ???). The other driver I can remove - and it gets auto-detected after a reboot, but the one NIC I cannot remove or update.

Anyone have any ideas? This is NOT rocket science - I have done this 1000 times and configuring a NIC with a static IP "just works" 100% of the time - I am litterally pulling my hair out on what should be a seamingly simple task."

" My co-worker just got it working. He had to rip all the nework settings out of ***ControlSet## in the registry, reboot and reinstall the drivers.

Man - that P2Proliant sure did a number on this server.


Unfortunately, the resolution posted in the thread above is a little vague.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so, how did you solve it?

Thanks for any assistance,

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Re: Physical to Proliant Migration, Static IP issue

Maybe you could try to uninstall the Network Configuration Ulitity first, then manually remove the network cards from the device manager, then reboot, install the multifunction drivers and then the NCU 9.0.

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Re: Physical to Proliant Migration, Static IP issue


let me ask you?
you have the NCU installed?
if so
try this

- go to Run and run msconfig and disable cpqteam
- reboot server uninstall NIC cards/update driver again (whatever you want) ** Note in case the latest drivers do not work use the multifunction driver from December 2006 see dates and your will find it.
- enable cqpteam again
- reboot server

and read this advisory I don't know the OS but in case it is w2003 give it a try


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