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Poor performance on HP DL380 G3

Occasional Contributor

Poor performance on HP DL380 G3

We measure with the HPReadData.exe diskperformance on various DL380g3 en DL380g4 Windows2000 sp2 and sp4 servers.
The G3 measure an throughput of about 6-7mb/s
On the G3 we use the 6.40 driverset. Read/Write controller settings 100/0

The G4 40mb/s
The G4 uses 7.10driverset

Are we measurring the disk performace correctly?
What could be te cause for this slow diskperformance?



Randy Bal

Andy Wan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Poor performance on HP DL380 G3

Hi Randy,
U have to know that the SCSI backplane of DL380G3 are running ULTRA 3 SCSI instead of Ultra 320.

On the other hand, DL380G4 are supporting end-to-end Ultra 320 bandwidth including the backplane.

That's the cause of the poor performance of G3 server.