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Populating DL 380p Gen8 Server memory

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Populating DL 380p Gen8 Server memory

Dear All,


We have HP DL 380p gen8 server with two processors, each processor is having 12 slots. Processor is CPU E5-2650. Memory total installed is 64GB and each processor is having 4 slots filled. All installed DIMM are 8GB.


I was thinking to buy more total 8GB*6 DIMMS, so each processor will get 3, and total memory will be 112 GB but before making order for buying memory I want to know if it is possible to install 3*8GB DIMM in a processor or should be 4  ?


Please share your experience. Please take a look at existing memory configuration through ILO


thanks in advance for help.



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Re: Populating DL 380p Gen8 Server memory

I have done the same thing you are asking without issue. I just made sure that I orded the exact same part number that is listed in the iLO. That is not a requirment but that is what I did.


Re: Populating DL 380p Gen8 Server memory



You may refer to the server QuickSpecs.


Memory Subsystem Architecture

Each Intel Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600 v2 family processor socket contains four memory channels that support three DIMMs each for a total of twelve (12) DIMMs per installed processor or a grand total of Twenty Four (24) DIMMs for the server. Up to 32GB capacity DIMMs are supported for 768GB of max memory (for Best Speed (1600MHz) run 2 DIMMs per channel or 16 DIMM slots x 16GB per DIMM = 256GB).


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