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Port forwarding??

Occasional Contributor

Port forwarding??

I've looked up some post on how to port forward on a computer without using the router. But it seems like they use firewal and internet options.


I'm gonna host 3 different games that anyone should be able to join. but i'm not sure how i can do it.

Computer i have right now is a HP ProLiant ML350 Genereation 5 server.


I've also checked ILO settings, but i'm a bit unsure how to use it since i cannot find a manual for it.


Hosting these games with these ports.


Minecraft Port: 25565

Counter-strike source: 27015

Counter-strike:global offensive: 27015

Jimmy Vance

Re: Port forwarding??

Generally port forwarding is used when a router/firewall is sitting in between your server and the internet. If your machine is directly connected to the internet you just need to open the required ports in the firewall on the server itself (if you're running one)




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