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Possible fake 'System is too hot or has lost cooling' message

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Possible fake 'System is too hot or has lost cooling' message

Anyone have any ideas on this?  I am remoting into my ML 350 via a Sonicwall VPN.  Everything seems fine on the server until I start Internet Explorer.  I browse for 15 seconds or so, then I get a window titled 'Attention', with the message:


HP ProLiant System Shutdown Service: System is too hot or has lost cooling. Terminal Services is Shutting Down!
First, it worries me that it only happens when I start IE.  Secondly, the exclamation mark and the capitalising of shutting down seems like an uncharacteristic style.
Within seconds of this message, I get kicked off the remote desktop session.  If I log on again a few minutes later, everything is fine.
Do I have a virus on the server?
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Re: Possible fake 'System is too hot or has lost cooling' message

OK new information.  It might not be fake but it looks weird.  The integrated management log viewer starts receiving 'System Overheating (Zone 2, Location CPU, Temperature 81C)' messages yesterday, at exactly the time I remoted in.  Minutes later it starts an Automatic OS Shutdown.  Both messages are marked 'Repaired'.


Nothing happens until 4 hours later when I remoted in again.  Then the same pairing of messages, every couple of minutes until it kicked me off.


What is going on here? How do I diagnose this?  And why is it only happening when I remote in?

Note:  In the IMLV, yesterday was the first message logged in 26 months!


Re: Possible fake 'System is too hot or has lost cooling' message



An entry in the IML log could indicate an issue with the hardware or perhaps a firmware update requirement to resolve the issue. Try updating the server’s BIOS, and the ILO firmware, restart the server. Clear the IML logs and then check if the issue is resolved.


If the issue persists, then check if the applications are compute intensive. Check if the applications have requisite memory installed.


Check if the issue occurs by logging to the server’s iLO and logging to remote console.


Links to update firmware:


HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Server



HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server



HP ProLiant ML350 G4 Server




HP ProLiant ML350 G4p Server





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