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Post and Integrated Smart Controller Errors DL380

Larry Heimendinger
Occasional Advisor

Post and Integrated Smart Controller Errors DL380

I have one DL380 1MHZ system that is giving me a continuing problem. During post, I get a 177 message that says Configuration not complete followed by Controller not Selected. When I enter the controller setup by pressing F8, one of the menu choices is Select Default Controller. IF I select this option and press F8 to confirm, I get an error message saying there was a BIOS error and the option could not be set.

I have updated the BIOS to the most current version, P17 I believe it is.

There are a few weird things that happen with booting from a CD or diskette. I can boot from many CDs, such as Windows 2003 Server, etc. However, I cannot boot from CDs that are downloaded from HP. The drive never comes ready, and the system hangs during boot. Once I get an error of this sort, I can't boot from a CD, for example, that I can boot from with a cold start.

I can read all of these CDs on this system once it boots to W2003. I can boot from them on other DL380 systems. I have swapped CD drives from another system, and nothing changes this weird behavior.

The system runs fine otherwise, and I would be content to ignore the error. However, if I set autoupdate, there are times when the server will reboot and hang waiting for a F1 press to get past the POST 177 error.

I have located nothing on this issue and will appreciate any help you have.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Post and Integrated Smart Controller Errors DL380

Which mart start u are using?ver???
DL 380 G1/G2/G3/G4????
Array controller??????

In the post screen menu select f9 & in that menu select boot controller order...1st boot array controller.
then press f10 for save.
while saving the changes if again it showing same issue then cleare NV RAM & follow same stapes to set boot order.

If no luck u have to replace system board.
Might be ur bios chip currupted.

if u are trying to boot through smart start then press f6 in the start to provide array driver otherwise O/S will not recognise your array controller & Installation gets faild.

all the best

Larry Heimendinger
Occasional Advisor

Re: Post and Integrated Smart Controller Errors DL380

G1 server. I will make the attempt at F9 and see if that option comes up. I downloaded the smartstart for the G1 Dl380, I think....