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Power Supply Question ML350 G3

Ashley Skilton
Occasional Contributor

Power Supply Question ML350 G3

Ive got a ML350 G3, in past i found some old G1's laying around and when i plugged the power into them the power supplies popped i don't wish to do this to my G3 is there anything im doing wrong like needing to plug it into something else like a UPS first?
I've got tones of servers that work fine but every powersupply ive had with the card type connector has blown for me.

Thanks -Ash
Mike Bollman_1
Respected Contributor

Re: Power Supply Question ML350 G3

Ash, are you sure your power is clean? We plug servers in all day everyday and do not have this problem. As a matter of fact our build area is only 110v, but our DataCenter is 208v. No problems there moving from one power type to another.

I would say you either have bad power, or maybe just bad power supplies.