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Power on issue on server CC3310

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Power on issue on server CC3310


On a HP server CC3310, I use a PCI harware (E1 interface P/N 2W-DNBE1-AQ). This board is connected to an E1 remote. When I powered off/on the server, it does not boot until I remove the E1 cable.
All the leds on the back panel (Diagnostic led) are off, fan stay off, but the 2 back panel leds (B) are lightning one in red and the other in blue.
I didn't find any explanation regarding these led (cybrary) except their names ID leds

I suspect a backgrounding system issue because if I use a cable without GND pins, this seems solving my issue.

1/ Is it possible that a grounding issue block the power on of the system ?
2/ How can I find information regarding the meaning of the ID leds ?