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Power requirements on BL30P

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Adrian Clint_1
Frequent Advisor

Power requirements on BL30P

I need a little help understanding the output of the June24 version of p-class blade power calc.
I have a single enclosure with 16 SKU2 BL30 blade with 2 HHD and 2GB of memory. I'm using 240V Single Phase. If I select no redundacy I get a PSU enclosure with 2 PSU's. If I select redundancy I get another PSU enclosure with 2 PSU's.
Why doesn't it just add 2 more PSU's to the 1st enclosure? Does 'AC redundancy' on the spreadsheet just mean add a 2nd enclosure and balance the PSUs?

I thought the 2nd AC input on the enclosure was there for AC input redundancy! So are we now having redundancy for redundant connections?

Re: Power requirements on BL30P

Hi Adrian,

you have correctly identified! The second power enclosure is for "AC redundancy input".
One important information for you: The new server-encloures (introduced with the BL30p) are also divided in two different segments as the power-enclosure (2 different load segments).
That means concerning one power-enclosure: The first 3 power supplies on the left hand (load segment a) only supply the first 5 slots (1 Interconnect + 8 BL30p) in the new server-enclosure . The last 3 power supplies on the right hand (load segment b) only supply the last 5 slots (8 BL30p + 1 Interconnect) in the new server-enclosures.
I think for old server-enclosures there now is an upgrade-kit for mixing BL20p, BL20G2, BL30p and BL40p in one server-enclosure.
See the attachment!