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Power up problem with DL580 G1

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Power up problem with DL580 G1

I have a problem with a DL580 G1 Compaq server, the server power's up but i have no video out, all led's are green and nothing seems to be wrong, but still i can't see anything on my screen..
Chris Saindon
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Re: Power up problem with DL580 G1

Hello Tasos,

Can you ping the box when it's running?
If you can it's probably just a dead video port, if you can't, please read on...

I would suggest doing this:

Remove any third party products in the server. Bring the server to minimum config (1 Processor, single memory DIMM, no PCI cards unless you have an array controller etc..). Reseat all cables, memory and PPM's (Processor Power Modules).

If doing that does not work, try clearing the NVRAM. You can do it through the BIOS or the System Maintenance switch on the system board. The one to hit is switch #6 on the System Maintenance Switch. If you do it through the BIOS, be careful not to clear your HDD's. If you're worried, just pull the drives when you do it and put them back in after.

Last thing, verify that the monitor/KVM is working.

If none of this works, the system board is probably failed and would need replacement.

System Board with tray - Part # 175563-001


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